Firm History

We Started With Two

We wanted to create a firm that empowered clients as opposed to merely serving clients.


We Began

In 2001, our firm served the needs of corporate executives and other individual clients.  We originally rendered traditional income tax planning, however, corporate executives asked to us do more. So we began to provide a much wider array of services to our clients. Our firm quickly became the CFO for clients both individuals and companies.


Our Clients Grew

As our clients’ companies grew, a greater focus was placed on providing legal services to include creating an entity, drafting contracts, and reviewing proposed agreements for our clients. Clients began requesting payroll services, accounts payable management, and other typical back office support. Finally, clients began questioning, why pay for an office when Witt Consulting already provided most of these resources.   We wanted to enjoy the Northwest, so moved our office from Carlsbad, California to Corvallis, Oregon.



In fifteen years, we have had the great opportunity to serve a myriad of clients.  From legal to accounting, tax to operations management, serving a wide array for individual tax returns and business tax returns, our firm has able to assist clients in states across the country.  We’re fortunate to have a great crew of team members and we look forward to the future.


We’re Honored to Be a Trusted Adviser

Today, Witt Consulting can provide full service back office to your company. We continue to serve individuals and businesses with tax preparation, accounting, and legal issues that may arise.  We’re humbled by the trust that our clients have placed in us and we look forward to continue serving each one of our clients.


Our role is to help professionals to achieve their financial goals by providing clear direction. Our goal is to provide a platform for businesses to grow and for individuals to understand their tax situation going forward.

By empowering clients with a working knowledge of their legal or financial situation, we give our clients the ability to informed financial decisions.

Bill & Leslie Witt

Focus Areas

  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Legal Planning
  • Non Profit Accouting


Member of the Oregon and California Bar Association

Certified Public Accountant for Oregon and California

Certified Investment Manager Analysis (CIMA)  Inactive

Certified Financial Planner – Inactive

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Witt Consulting Inc

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