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Developing Novel Cancer Diagnostic Tests


Tomorrow Is Today

Today’s start ups are often made up of professionals collaborating from all over the country. These virtual companies include great ideas and great people, but sometimes these companies lack the infrastructure or at the very least an office to call home. Many traditional businesses still follow a “brick and mortar” mentality and while more and more companies may attempt to build companies without walls, vendors and customers may frown at not having a a physical office. In 2011, OncoCellMDx, Inc. faced this potential challenge of image and approached Witt Consulting to see how we might use our firm’s offerings to assist with a cancer research project. The lab is in Michigan, the president remains in California, the vice president remains in Connecticut, and other professionals live and work across the country.

Witt Consulting met the challenge by deploying a variety of resources. Witt Consulting worked along side the existing law firm to assist building out the infrastructure. Our firm built an accounting platform that could be viewed at any time, anywhere by the management team. Witt Consulting was also asked to outfit the laboratory including building out a phone system to serve not only the lab but the varying management team locations. Our firm manages the endless number of purchase orders to resupply the science team and serves as the chief liaison to secure insurance coverage, as well as working with Paychex to pay employees in multiple states.


Exciting Times

Today, Witt Consulting continues to serve as the corporate headquarters, the chief financial officer, accounting department and with its varied service lines, deploying a content management system for which everyone from the OncoCellMDx team can collaborate.

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